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Exclusive Lip PMU

Beautiful lips can be created by adding natural color where needed, allowing to achieve instant fullness and definition. Subtle corrections can be made to thin, uneven, or asymmetrical lips and the size and shape can be altered as desired.

Permanent makeup applications can create fuller-looking lips. It is really the only procedure that can effectively correct asymmetry and shape of the lips.

IMPORTANT: If you are prone to cold sores or have had one in the past, as a preventative measure you will need an antiviral prescription from your doctor before a lip procedure. Physicians usually recommend taking the antiviral medication two days before the treatment.

The initial permanent makeup treatments require two visits spaced approximately 4-6 weeks apart.  Permanent makeup requires periodical maintenance to ensure the freshness of the look. You can expect the enhancements to last from 12 to 36 months before the retouch may be required.

Lip Blush

 Lip blush is perfect for correction of the shape and addition of fullness to the lips which is then blended seamlessly into the natural vermillion border with very light shading and is perfect for those who want a natural look with added volume and or shape correction.
A lick of gloss and you are good to go anywhere.


Lipstick3 D efect

The latest trend in semi-permanent lip tattoos sees the very best techniques applied to give a 3D effect to your natural lips. Using a combination of lining, light effect shading, and artistic blending, we can make your lips look fuller and perfectly symmetrical, whilst also giving them a deeper natural color to keep you looking your best every day.


Lipstick Look

Again includes shape correction and added fullness if desired blended seamlessly into the natural vermillion border, but then your colour of choice is applied to the whole lip area. This can be either a tint for a natural flush or a more vibrant colour. Of course, different lipstick colours can be used on top of the chosen colour when desired but you will always look like you have lipstick on your lips….

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